Game Servers



All game servers come with a 24 hour money-back guarantee, if you're not happy, were not happy.

  • Garry's Mod Servers

    Order a Garry's Mod server today and play online with your friends! Our Garry's Mod server come with one-click addon installs and if you need help configuring your addons, we will help!

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Servers

    Scrim competitively with your own server! Never miss a beat, with our tier one network and 128 tick you won't be able to blame lag if you miss that vital shot. (You still can, we won't tell anyone)

  • Rust Servers

    Ever joined a Rust server with a lot of people online and got that almost normal lag? We can guarantee you weren't on a server hosted by us. Limiting RAM is what causes most server lag on Rust, it's one thing we specifically don't do. We let your server breathe, it gets the resources it needs to use with no cap.

  • FiveM Servers

    Under FiveM ToS we cannot offer our panel, but we can set you up with a virtual machine, and we will assist you with the install of the FiveM server. Our support team will also assist in install of ESX or any mod of your choice.

  • Mordhau Servers

    Want to be a Mordhau pro like St0uty? Get your own Mordhau server with us, and practice on your server configured to your liking.

  • Minecraft Servers

    Take advantage of the 50% off promo code 'THERMAL' and get to building along your friends with our Minecraft server hosting. One-click Bukkit and Tekkit installs included with packages over 512MB.

  • Counter-Strike: Source

    Counter-Strike: Source is still a popular game despite Global Offensive's release, that is why we offer it. Get your 128-tick Counter-Strike: Source server today!

  • Battlegrounds III

    A very niche game based on the American War of Independence. Setup line battles, custom events or even start your own regiment with BG3 hosting.


We currently have one location in New York, we are very picky to where we send our equipment and we are working as fast as we can to get a west coast and EU location. If you live on the east coast you can expect to have less than 15ms ping. Customers who live in the central United States report pings around 40-50ms and west coast recieve about 70-80ms.


Connect to our control panel with a secure connection (SSL) and tweak your server to your liking. All servers come with FTP access, live game/resource monitoring and the best part is it is all mobile friendly! You can access your server console to execute commands and even see the name of the players that are on your server.


We cannot stress to you enough that our support is top-notch. Support is the key to happy customers and that is why we offer free addon/mod installs with all of our game servers. *Mod installs are on a queue and there is a short waiting time until a support representive can help you. Average general support ticket response time is ten minutes.


We don't hide our hardware specs, it's listed all over the site for a reason, it consists of only the best parts. Your server will be hosted on a minimum spec of a Intel Xeon E3-1240v3, 32GB of RAM and a Samsung SSD. That combined with a tier one network and you have a blazing fast game server that your players with recognize.